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Welcome to Subject Specific Sites!

Written by Hizi. Reviewed and audited by the iBaguette team.

Hello Adventurer! Welcome to the subject specific sites. This section will allow you to find the resources that you’d never thought you could find, as well as the basics. You can’t go wrong with the basics, right?
Anyway, how about you get to reading below and see how this information can benefit you? The sites below vary from online revision sites to do e-work but some will need some work from you, such as taking notes on paper or online.

Watching something without doing anything will never help. You need to write to take in the information given. Studies prove this and every exam survivor can confirm.

General Advice

Usually, you’ll have to find what works for you. This can be tedious and take some time, but it’s always better to find something good than waste your time on something that isn’t. Nowadays, we are so lucky to have a plethora of websites, teachers, and resources for free online.
This is going to bring me to a general point, which is that GCSE resources shouldn’t be paid. If you’re being asked to pay for a PDF or some sort of file, look around; it will most likely be free elsewhere. I’ve experienced this with a site called TES - resources will be posted claiming to be made by a teacher for a set amount, but after looking around online or doing a reverse image search on Google, I’ve found it for free.

If you’re looking for a PowerPoint on a topic, search for [topic + specification + exam board].pptx: this will bring up sites with that specific file for your topic. If you’re really lucky, you might find the presentation that your teacher uses (this may also mean your teacher is lazy!).
If you’re looking for a worksheet for a subject, search [topic + specification + exam board + worksheet].pdf. If you’re looking for a cheat sheet for a subject, search [topic + specification + exam board + cheat sheet].pdf. I think you get the drift of what I’m getting at there.

Although this does contain online-only resources, please do look at normal books. Usually, if you buy from your school, you can receive books at a discounted rate and sometimes even for free.


I mean the title is pretty self-explanatory but below you will find the universal sites to help you. They may be repeated below with specific sections of the site.

This is your bread and butter of GCSE resources. You should know your exam tier when applicable, and the exam board for all subjects by now. If not, either ask your teacher or email them. I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to help you! Pretty basic, agreed, but what’s to come is better.

English Language & English Literature

iBaguette Editor’s Note: Mr Everything English’s “The night before” exam live streams, on top of videos published in the run up to GCSEs saved my English exams. From stories (look up “the priest story” - this is what I actually used) that can be used in any question possible to interesting vocabulary and analysis, these YouTube channels can get your grades up significantly. I got a grade 9 in Language because of this

Useful Sites

Below is a list of websites specific to each GCSE subject:


Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Computer Science


Business Studies


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Food Tech

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